Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 229 – Educating, Advising & Servicing Clients

On our newest episode we had the privilege of sitting down with seasoned real estate agent, Lindsay Thomas of RE/MAX and Turn Key Staging. Lindsay’s journey in the real estate world is a true testament to hard work paying off, as she shares invaluable insights on how to achieve longevity in this industry. Lindsay delves into her transition from the education industry to real estate, emphasizing how she didn’t expect her existing skills to translate so seamlessly into her new career. Throughout our chat, she touches on the significance of building a referral chain and the value of a strong support system; especially in the early stages of one’s career. She also discusses the art of delegation and how she balances her time and priorities. Tune in to hear more about how Lindsay’s staging business, Tune Key Staging, emerged as a vital component of her real estate success. Described as a “soft seller” in her approach, this strategy has undoubtedly contributed to her remarkable journey in real estate! Make sure to give this episode a listen for a wealth of knowledge and insights from Lindsay!

Interested in checking out the author Lindsay mentioned in this episode? Check out David Goggins “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds” HERE