Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 232 – Welcome To 2024

Happy New Year! Kick off your start to 2024 with our first episode of the year as we dive into how to keep your New Year’s momentum going. Tune in as Maude uncovers strategies from our “GET MORE” book to transform your goals into reality, combat energy fading & pave your path to success! We’ll discuss the importance of clarity, energy, and high performance in achieving your dreams. Learn about our 8-step approach for effective goal setting, including consistency, reflection, responsibility, and overcoming distractions. Plus, practical tips like journaling, using affirmations, and breaking down goals into actionable steps. Start your growth journey this year with us!

Ready to set some goal-oriented New Years resolutions? Invest your efforts with our goal-setting and achieving workbook talked about in this episode – GET MORE. ➡️