Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 233 – Aligning With Success

Getting back into the flow of things in the new year, sit down with us on the Realtors’ Conspiracy podcast as we caught up with real estate agent Logan Rich of The Kate Broddick Team and Revel Realty. Together we delve into the key elements that have shaped her success, emphasizing the influential role of the people around her. Logan shares her strategies for managing time effectively, including the crucial practice of time-blocking for meetings and tasks. She highlights the value of having accountability partners, tapping into mentorship, and the importance of recognizing your strengths as well as working on your weaknesses. We also went on to discuss the essentials of business management during busy periods and put a significant focus on our conversation around the importance of consistency and structure, especially in a career where one has the autonomy to set their own schedule, hours, and business approach. Don’t miss this enlightening episode that’s packed with actionable insights and valuable lessons for anyone looking to align with success in the real estate industry!

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