Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 234 – Generating Repeat Business

This week, Realtors’ Conspiracy host Maude dives into an insightful conversation with Broker Larry Osmond of Century 21. From the corporate world to Real Estate, Larry emphasizes the pivotal role of communication in driving his success. Tune in as Larry shares his strategies for maintaining clear, honest, and constant dialogue with clients, discussing everything from the good, the bad, to the ugly aspects of real estate dealings. He reveals his ground-up approach to crafting a content-rich newsletter and stresses the importance of being readily available for clients, not by hounding them, but by being a pillar of support from the get go. This episode also delves into Larry’s philosophy of involvement and the critical role of key messaging and CRM systems. Together we also touch on the emotional side of the business and how he himself adapted to this. Tune in to discover how Larry’s exceptional communication skills and comprehensive strategies have shaped his path in the Real Estate world, offering invaluable lessons for Realtors and business owners alike!

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