Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 241 – Re-watch: Stress Management

Rewind time! As the spring market quickly approaches we are taking it back to an episode to remind ourselves all about managing stress in busy season. Tune in with Maude and guest Cristina Tahoces as she shared her insights on stress management. Cristina is a holistic nutritionist, TEDx speaker and owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice, a global online wellness business focused on helping people with high stress profiles build physical and mental health resilience to stress. Together we dive into the importance of nutrient therapy, managing stress in a people-based business, and combating the on-the-go lifestyle of Realtors. Tune in as Cristina shares her nutrient strategy and guidelines to managing stress in your day-to-day and so much more. This episode is a MUST listen if you’re looking to establish a fresh mindset heading into the spring market!

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