Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 246 – Take Care Of Your Clients & The Rest Will Follow

In this episode of the Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast, we sit down with Realtor Venkat Perugu of Right At Home Realty, a beacon of integrity and dedication in the real estate world. Venkat’s inspiring journey from arriving in Canada with only five hundred dollars to becoming a highly successful real estate agent is a testament to how anyone can build success brick by brick. With a deep commitment to integrity, trust, and client happiness, Venkat shares his secret: focus on the clients’ needs above all. In a world where marketing reigns supreme, Venkat thrives without it, relying instead on word-of-mouth referrals and face-to-face interactions. He emphasizes the importance of putting yourself in your clients’ shoes, ensuring quality service is not determined by transaction size but by genuine care and strategic planning. Venkat’s approach to real estate as an advisor rather than a salesperson, coupled with his financial discipline and focus on client-centred business growth, offers valuable insights for anyone looking to make a mark in the industry. Beyond his professional success, Venkat’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact of being a good human being first. Dive into Venkat’s journey to learn how focusing on your clients and taking care of their needs can lead to unparalleled success!

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