Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 248 – Beyond Transactions

Join us in this insightful episode with real estate agent Wes Schilstra of RE/MAX Escarpment. As a second generation Realtor on a team that is all about curating a comfortable and positive client experience, Wes dives deep into his work beyond the transaction. Speaking to this, he discusses the crucial role of communication and shares how his team’s refined mission statement has formed the foundation for their client service. Wes goes on to emphasize the value of making clients feel at ease, especially first-time buyers, and how to efficiently narrow down business sources to better channel and generate leads. Engaging with his community and utilizing a CRM system are just one of the many ways Wes manages his business. He also shares insights on creating educational content that not only markets properties but enriches his followers! This episode is packed with valuable tips on not getting lost in the crowd of realtors but instead, focusing on creating unparalleled experiences and building lasting relationships.

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