Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 29: The Process Of Running A Successful Business

Interview with Trish Tonaj, speaker, author & master coach. Trish is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs through the process of running a successful business. Trish speaks about the importance of having balance in your life and taking a step back from your busy schedule to analyze how you are spending your time. According to Trish, the 3 main pillars for running a successful business include marketing, networking and having a strong connection with those in your community. Whether you are just starting out your business, or are currently running a successful one, having a strategic plan in place is a very effective way to grow and to reach your goals.

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Trish believes in mentorship and the power of storytelling. With a passion for speaking, Trish knows that sharing stories creates an environment of business innovation and collaboration that supports effective leadership. Trish is a Master Coach, and Certifed Coach Trainer working with Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Leaders who build a culture of success while mentoring their team. As a published author, Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories keeps it real by sharing barriers broken, lightbulb moments and three words of advice. She is the host of the guest blog series “ShareYourStories“and invites you to share your story!