Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 33: Valuable Tips to Realtors and Entrepreneurs

Interview with Saijal Patel from SaijElle at – Saijal’s strength is Finances! Giving out on this episode valuable tips to Realtors and entrepreneurs about dealing with fluctuating income – when some months are great and some… well not so much! Stay tuned for the tax planning benefits that realtors and entrepreneurs can take advantage of. Realtors will often invest in property because that’s what they know and Saijal has some great input about diversifying. Thinking of retirement planning seems so far out for many of us. For many entrepreneurs, especially when starting it seems hard. Or for many, they’re so busy putting money back into the business, that they’re not thinking about retirement. Saijal can help you get started and set you up for success!

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At Saij Elle, women build the right money mindset and skills so they can own their financial independence and design their dream life. Whether it’s getting a better handle on your money, learning how to create a financial plan and invest, ensuring you will have a secure retirement, or confidently working with the financial industry to get your needs met – we give you the know-how. No noise. No perplexity. No judgement.

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