Realtors’ Conspiracy Podcast Episode 42: Make BIG Changes In Small Steps

Interview with Tanya Vakil Fernandez. Tanya has had major success in her Real Estate career, going on her 6th year! Tanya believes strongly in nurturing client relationships – she shares with us the 3 most most valuable things you need to do in order to connect with people. Tanya absolutely loves to learn, and her career allows her to continue to do that on a daily basis; to learn from co-workers, other Realtors, and even from clients. She is constantly innovating herself and her business in order to serve her clients to the highest degree. This interview is filled with valuable information including advice for new realtors, tips for advancing your learning, and Tanya’s secrets to success!

Learn More About Tanya Vakil Fernandes

Tanya is an active member within the community, strongly aligned with the Milton Chamber of Commerce & believes in supporting local businesses. She sponsors children’s local soccer, hockey & gymnastics teams as she endorses the importance of sport that has taught her to set goals, persevere & sharpen her competitive edge, essential skills for a successful deal maker! Her family is her fuel that keeps her charged, every morning when that alarm rings at 5AM.

Giving back to the community she lives in is a priority for Tanya, where she helps raise funds for the 101 Women Who Care supporting over 30 local charities.