Setting Real Estate Expectations

As a Realtor, have you ever been bullied by sellers? I hear it happens a lot. Sellers will come in and take a Realtor and tell them exactly what they want, how they feel the marketing should go and bully them into things on maybe you don’t need to do. In your listing presentation, you have to come out as the expect, be pleasing to them but also firm and fair on how its going to go because you are the expect, they will respect that. In the end it might be super scary because you want to please everybody and get the sale every time, but sometimes it will hurt you to be too nice and too pleasing.

Set the expectations on how the process is going to go, if you believe in staging and are planning to stage the house and the sell says “I don’t want the staging” and their house needs staging. Stand your ground and explain to them why, what is the benefit, explain to them how they will make more money and sell faster. You are not doing these things because you choose to and you want to be an alpha, you are the expert, you know what is going to sell and whats going to work.

Set the expectation, build in your presentation on what services are going to work and what their house needs. Not ever house needs a 3D tour, sometimes it can be a negative to a house. If the buyers want a 3D tour and the house is not that great, messy and out dated, the 3D tour is not going to help, its going to hurt.

If you have questions and you want to ask a marketing company or an expert on what needs to be done to sell that particular house, of course you can call. A lot of Realtors call and say I have this house, what do you feel? Should I do the floor plans or not and they will be really honest and tell them yes do the video, don’t do the video, just do the photos, etc. There are so many options that you can do to make sure your sellers get the best experience and sell for the most amount of money and in the fastest time.