Stand Out with a Strong Brand

There are plenty of fish in the Real Estate Sea when homeowners are searching for their perfect match. When it comes to choosing one of the many agents in your brokerage, one of the biggest assets that you can have is a strong brand. First impressions are crucial when you are being compared to thousands, so creating a lasting brand is one of the key components to success.

Step 1: Develop Your Brand

Your brand is about WHO you are. What do you like? What is your personality? What do you want to convey? You also want to target your brand to the demographic you want to work with. Is it young families? Is it seniors downsizing? Define your demographic, your values, and have a style separate from the other Realtors. What makes you the best choice? Once your brand is established, be consistent throughout all your marketing pieces. The effort spent on developing your professional presence can make all the difference in your success as a Realtor.

Step 2: Branding Checklist

  • Great Portrait Photo
    Your portrait photo needs to be current, professional, different but tasteful, and in high resolution! Make sure you SMILE 🙂 People who look happier in photos are viewed as more trustworthy.
  • HD Marketing Video
    Promote your business, service, and products through a branded video. You can use it on your website and on social media. Not only does it give an entertaining informational piece, but you will rank higher on Google & attract more views on social media…basically: make more money!
  • Branded Testimonial Video
    People work with people they trust. No one trusts written testimonials anymore because more often than not, they are completely untrue. Either the client isn’t real, the person wrote it themselves and asked the client if they could use their name with it, etc. Having a branded testimonial video of someone talking about you is the best public relations you can get.
  • Social Media
    74% of adults are on social media. Take advantage of this and make sure to be be memorable with your brand online! Don’t just promote your business, but take this opportunity to show off your personality with some entertaining posts, motivational messages, and testimonials from happy clients. There is so much more!
  • Custom Website
    When choosing someone to work with, people go online first. They will look at your social media, your website, and what others are saying about you. Having a branded custom website where they can find everything in one place! It will show that you are an expert and established in the industry.

Step 3: Consistency

Once your brand has been tweaked and developed to suit your style and personality as well as your demographic, ensure your logo and brand are consistent. Your logo design should be simple enough to work across all platforms. This means your Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter cover photos, your Ads, Signs, your Feature Sheets, Business Cards, Billboard, the list goes on! Often times, we see a strong brand become weak as it gets passed from person to person who each do their own “tweaking” to it. Don’t let this happen! Take control of your brand and make it part of your identity.

Step 4: Use It Everywhere

Brand awareness comes from reputation and repetition. Reputation is built over years of good will and trust. Repetition comes from using your brand in multiple pieces of advertising and marketing. Think of some of the most well-known agents you know. You don’t just see 1 billboard for a year in the same spot. They also farm the area with their branded postcards, put out a branded Facebook Video Ad, their Open House signs have their brand, their Feature Sheets, their website – it’s everywhere! Once people start seeing this on multiple platforms, they become familiar with who you are and what you do. It doesn’t happen overnight!

Authenticity is the foundation of relationship marketing. Do not build your brand based on someone else. Highlight your personality and show people what makes you different. Be memorable, but most important – be you.

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