Virtual Staging vs. Traditional Staging

Staging can be a great tool when promoting a listing. Not only can it improve the show value of a home, by creating a clean, presentable, home that highlights positive features, but it can also improve the reception of the photos and videos online. The photos of a listing can make or break it; as they are often the deciding factor on whether or not to see a listing in person.

Follow along as we take a look at the traditional approach to staging, comparing it to the modern approach of virtual staging.

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is the online equivalent to traditional home staging. It provides a unique touch to your listing, as you can stage it any which way you choose. A cost effective method, virtual staging is best used for vacant homes in improving the show value they have on potential buyers; allowing them to visualize themselves in a home. In addition, it prevents buyers from becoming distracted by the homeowners taste in design.

Which virtual staging to choose?

Choosing virtual staging or traditional staging greatly depends on your listing and the buyers you are expecting to show interest.

  • When to use traditional staging: the time to use traditional home staging is when the home is already in decent condition and just some quick touches such as decluttering or moving around a few furniture pieces.
  • When to use virtual staging: virtual staging is perfect for vacant homes, when you’re on a budget, or when the home design distracts buyers from seeing the true value of the home. As the economical approach, virtual staging can be a quick and easy way to add value to a home, especially one that is vacant and otherwise unappealing.

Staging is a great method for increasing the value of a home due to presentation, with buyers offering the best deals. If you’re looking to sell a home consider increasing its positive impression by staging it into a clean, modern, home that many clients will be interested in.

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