What Are The Differences between a 3D Tour vs. Video Tour?

A lot of people are asking what is the difference between a 3D Tour and a Video Tour. A real estate video tour is a passive tour; you are sitting down, you are watching a video, like watching tv – you have nothing to do. A real estate 3D tour is interactive, you actively have to click through and control how the tour is going. You control if you want to go upstairs first, to the kitchen, then to the basement.

Why use a 3D tour over a video tour and visa versa? You decide! It depends on your target and your sellers. If you want to please your sellers, show them that you are doing extra by doing both. Do the 3D Tour if they are young and text savy and want to be doing more interactive things. If you have sellers that are a little bit older and are targeting individuals that are older, a video tour would be the best route.