Using Drone Technology to Sell Your Listing

Drone technology is a new and upcoming trend in the real estate industry. It can be a great tool in providing your listing with a unique advantage, which will in turn distinguish you from fellow real estate agents. To familiarize yourself with drone technology and its benefits please follow along as we provide you with an overview.

In essence drone technology is a small, unmanned aircraft, which is usually controlled on the ground. Originally a form of surveillance used strictly for military purposes, the technology has expanded in recent years along with its audience of users. Used as a form of aerial photography and video this innovative technology is constantly evolving, creating new and interesting ways of producing photo and video from a unique perspective. Why use it?

Drone technology is an innovative tool in marketing your listings. Here are the top reasons we think you should consider using it for your next listing:

  • Encompasses aerial views of the entire property and land – a great tool for larger properties, or properties with individual, distinctive, features due to the unique perspective
  • Great tool for showing off the local area – the proximity to parks, shopping centres, etc.
  • Affordable tool for providing you with a competitive advantage (in comparison to its helicopter counterpart)
  • Provides variety, taking both still photos and videos
  • Can create video tours of the interior of homes. A great tool for homes with high ceilings, or simply to provide a different perspective
  • Provides a visual of the exterior of the home, the views, property, etc. which shows that there is nothing to hide as the video will show the roof, siding etc.

How it will benefit you!

Drone technology is a great tool in providing you with a competitive advantage. Allowing your listings to stick out, aerial photos and videos will help buyers visualize the entire property being sold, which in turn will help them in their purchasing process.

Drone Safety

Whether you’ve decided to hire someone to use the drone for you, or have decided to take it upon yourself, it is important to ensure that the rules are being followed at all times.

The rules and regulations for using Drone Technology will differ place to place. If you’re operating in Canada then the Government of Canada website is your number one resource for understanding the rules in your area. Below is a brief overview of the guidelines listed:

  • Size dictates permission: Depending on the size of your Drone will determine whether you need permission to fly it or not. The specifications are listing on the website, as well as instructions on how to apply for permission.
  • Safety: Ensure that you use the drone is safe conditions; meaning during the daytime and in good weather conditions. This will ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.
  • No Drone Zones: Due to privacy and safety of others there are certain zones that are deemed “No Drone Zones”. Such areas include national parks and aerodromes, with restrictions for indoor flying as well.

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